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CcS Credits - For Ads & Upgrades

The CcS Credits can be used for a wide variety of purposes among them Advertisement services, Games & Expandables purchases, Exclusive CcS Services.
Developed for the CcS Platform (MUXE ONLINE)

Unlimited Advertisement

The CcS Platform provides many options when it comes to advertisement both existing out of automatic and manual solutions. These can be purchased with CcS Credits to unlock many additional features at the CcS Platform.

Advantages of the CcS Tokens

CcS Credits are able to be used on the CcS Platform.

Benefits of advertising with CcS

If you are looking for an active and dedicated audience in the Crypto industry then we are what you looking for.

Dedicated Content Distribution via our email networking lists and channels. This includes our communities on Telegram, CcS, LoMoStar, and other networking platforms.

Increase the exposure of your content via the CcS Advertisement Panel on CcS "". Currently, supported methods are Post, Video and Sidebar advertisement (Pay per view / Pay per click)

Finding a real audience for your crypto project is one of the toughest aspects of the cryptocurrency market. Building up your network starts by engaging with the right audience. Get to know our community directly and let them engage with your project.

Finding real customers especially for projects in Crypto/Blockchain has not been easy for most projects. Especially since most companies don't allow this kind of engagement. CryptocoinStart has been made to allow Crypto/Blockchain projects to grow and engage with potential customers.

Why purchase CcS Credits?

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Your advertisement will be distributed among our entire network.

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The Number "1" News Distribution Center for Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain innovations.

MUXE Media Channels

Exclusive video and audio content network with subscription plans.


The Number "1" Social Media Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Networking Platform.


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